Summer recipes with Montrone products

Delicious dishes in just a few steps!

With the arrival of summer, there is an increasing desire to spend the days outdoors and enjoy fresh and light recipes, to be prepared quickly. Spending less time in the kitchen does not mean giving up on taste: our products contain all the goodness you need to create delicious dishes in just a few steps.
Here are some ideas for preparing summer recipes with Montrone products.

The must of the season? Certainly the salads, especially for those who are attentive to the figure and do not give up the workout, even on the hottest days! For a strong flavor, prepare the salad with salmon, smoked morsels and radishes . If you’d prefer to replace vegetables with cereals, barley salad, mixed seeds , almonds and fresh cheese is for you. Lover of rustic flavors? You absolutely must try the multicolored panzanella with cherries : a truly complete single dish!

For days on the beach, skewers are always a great idea! Like those with mozzarella, melon and ham , simple and delicious, or those made for us by Sonia Peronaci with salmon, knots and grilled vegetables!

If the heat doesn’t hold back your sweet tooth, take note of these two summer recipes: tomatoes stuffed with couscous  And mozzarella stuffed with cherry tomatoes, black olives and basil . Excellent to be enjoyed by the sea!

Among the summer recipes with Montrone products, there are also delicious first courses: from the simplest, such as cold pasta with zucchini cream, tomato and mozzarella , to the more elaborate ones, such as Sonia Peronaci’s baked rice , with four-leaf clover, zucchini and speck, perfect for special occasions.

For snack? With Montrone ricotta and lots of seasonal fruit, you can prepare a delicious smoothie cheesecake , to sweeten the moments of break!

At dinner, however, the recipe that makes everyone happy wins! Such as the club sandwich with fresh cheese, avocado and zucchini , made especially for be shared.

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