Gemella, the lactose-free mozzarella

Montrone brings its lactose-free mozzarella to the tables: Gemella is the lactose-free alternative to classic mozzarella, because no one has to give up the true artisan taste of goodness, especially when it comes to the tastiest dairy specialties of Puglia .

But what is lactose intolerance ? Let’s see it together!

Intolerance occurs in people who do not produce the lactase enzyme or do not produce enough of it. In fact, this enzyme is responsible for the breakdown of lactose in the body.

In intolerant people, lactose remains in the intestine causing unwanted symptoms. The solution? Consume lactose-free cheeses, milk and dairy products, such as our mozzarella.

Montrone’s lactose-free “Gemella” mozzarella, easily digestible and tasty, is ideal as a fresh dish or ingredient in many recipes and can also be used as an ingredient for pizza or hot dishes.

How is Montrone’s lactose-free mozzarella born?

Everything, as with other dairy products, starts with milk. To produce this type of product we use carefully selected milk, delactosed directly on the farm with the inoculation of the enzyme lactase . By lactose-free milk we mean milk that has undergone an enzymatic hydrolysis process. The lactose complex sugar, therefore, is broken down into more easily digestible simple sugars. It is from here and from a few other ingredients that our Gemella mozzarella takes shape, the production of which takes place in a distinct and separate way compared to the classic mozzarella, precisely to avoid any kind of contamination.

The lactose-free mozzarella Gemella, more digestible, retains all the delicate taste of authentic Apulian mozzarella. Try it and rediscover the pleasure of having fun in the kitchen!

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