The new organic line of the Caseificio Montrone

The Caseificio Montrone launches its first line of organic dairy products with the historic Montronella brand .

Product innovation, controlled production and the exact same goodness: the organic line was born with the desire to offer consumers a new way to taste the quality of Montronella brand products.

There is only one way of doing things for the Montrone Dairy: doing them well, good and genuine as they once were. The Veri Artigiani del Sapore remain faithful to the Apulian dairy tradition and, for the new organic line , they choose raw materials from organic farming and controlled supply chains.

A range of products guaranteed by the BIO brand and the unrivaled goodness that has always distinguished Montronella brand products.

The TUTTOFOOD2019 will be the occasion to present the new organic line to national and international buyers. An exceptional stage to tell everyone about the excellences of the Dairy: the Burrata di Andria I.G.P., the pasta filata specialties, the scamorza, the smoked, the seasoned, ricotta and all the other products of the Montrone dairy. Among these there will be the products of the BIO Montronella line , made with milk from organic farming, with a controlled and certified supply chain.

The new BIO line is a further opportunity to choose the products of the Montrone Dairy, to be enjoyed on their own or to be used to prepare delicious recipes.

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