Pan Montrone on the Norba Group networks

With Caseificio Montrone and Radionorba, Christmas is full of surprises!

At Christmas, Pan Montrone is back, a gift idea that makes the festive table even better. This year, however, there is a big news! The skilful art of Montrone cheesemakers has created the lactose-free Pan Montrone for Christmas 2020: a delicacy dedicated to all lactose intolerant who do not want to give up the pleasure of tradition.

A novelty also told in the new spot that for the whole holiday period will be on air on the networks of the Norba Group , the most popular local network in Southern Italy. Nationally? You can find it on the channels of the Norba Group of the Sky platform!

But you know, at Christmas the surprises never end!

Here is another one dedicated to lovers of Apulian dairy art: the “ Advent Calendar ” broadcast on Radionorba and Radionorba TV . There is time until Christmas to participate!

What is it about?

Taking its cue from the custom of marking the days until 25 December with special gifts, Radionorba in collaboration with Caseificio Montrone give all radio listeners the opportunity to play and win fantastic prizes every day.

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Christmas is magic, but with Caseificio Montrone it is also full of surprises.

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