Montrone is the partner of the International Pizza Academy

2021 has just begun, but we already have a tasty project to “churn out”: for the new year, in fact, the Caseificio Montrone has partnered with International Pizza Academy by Vincenzo Florio . Let’s find out all the details of the project and the products that will give life to succulent “Pizze d’Autore”.

Montrone products meet the excellence of pizza

Puglia is the spokesperson of a long tradition: the one that has handed down the love for genuine products and handmade for generations. A story of passion for craftsmanship, quality ingredients and good food. This is the philosophy that unites Caseificio Montrone and its cheesemakers, with Vincenzo Florio , founder and president of the International Pizza Academy . Have you ever heard of it? It is a school, based in Molfetta (BA), to learn everything (absolutely everything) what there is to know about a symbolic dish of Italian culinary art: the beloved pizza.

Montrone and pizza: a mouth-watering project

The project involving the Montrone brand as a partner provides for the distribution by the Dairy of some products selected for the channel. (i.e. the set of hotel and catering services, bars, cafes, pizzerias and restaurants).

Which products will “end up” in the expert hands of pizza makers? We will find out soon. Meanwhile, let’s take a closer look at what the training course for pizza chefs consists of within the Academy of Master Pizzaiolo Vincenzo Florio .

Vincenzo Florio, the pizza artist and his Academy

The son of an Apulian farmer, in love with his land and its history, Vincenzo Florio was born in Toritto (BA) and developed his passion for pizza from an early age (he was just 13 years old). Since then he has never stopped experimenting, training and dealing with many professionals, chefs and experts in the food sector. Florio then became a trainer in public and private schools, and later founded the International Pizza Academy . His goal is to transfer his passion to his students, transmitting emotions through pizzas. In 2019 he was appointed Ambassador of Taste Doc Italy, for the Apulia Province of Bari. He won the first career award at the age of 30 and “The silver cook” for professionalism. The International Pizza Academy provides a series of courses at both basic and advanced levels, for pizza chefs and more, with the collaboration of industry experts.

Montrone’s pizza products at the International Pizza Academy

We come to the tastiest aspect of the project. So let’s talk about the Montrone products that will have a place of honor in the preparation of excellent specialties. The pizzerias that are part of the “Pizze d’Autore” circuit, brand of the International Pizza Academy, will have a large list of precious ingredients for their pizzas:

We can’t wait to admire and taste the masterpieces that will be born from this delicious collaboration. In the meantime, we invite you to discover the other tasty initiatives of the Montrone Dairy on our Blog.

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