Burrata di Andria PGI: pairings for summer recipes

The soft round bag is made of spun dough, the filling instead of hand-frayed dough mixed with fresh cream.

This is the double structure of Burrata di Andria Igp which is closed by a thin thread of green raffia. An ancient product of the Apulian dairy tradition, born by chance, today conquers kitchens all over the world. But how to enjoy this genuine and fresh delicacy in the summer? Here are some combinations with Burrata di Andria Igp ready to delight you.

Classic combinations:

A great summer classic is definitely the salad , to be embellished with avocado or dried fruit and to be enjoyed with Burrata di Andria IGP. For an aperitif with friends, a classic bruschetta with cherry tomatoes flavored with fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil. Always valid, a caprese , where fresh mozzarella is replaced by Burrata di Andria IGP accompanied by salmon and tomatoes or grilled seasonal vegetables such as courgettes or aubergines. This category also includes savory pies , to be prepared with bacon and speck or potatoes and seasoned at the end of cooking with the creaminess of the filling of Burrata di Andria IGP.

Whimsical combinations:

To be enjoyed overlooking the sea, a dish ready to enhance the freshness of Burrata is the one that sees it as the protagonist with a quenelle of sea urchin pulp inside, a explosion of taste! To enhance the flavor of the risotto, you can use the creaminess of the stracciatella and the filling of the bag to whip up a saffron risotto flavored with ginger. The Burrata di Andria Igp can also become a precious dessert to be proposed at the end of dinner to delight and amaze friends and relatives. Such as? With an unusual combination that sees it combined with pistachio cream or fig jam.

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