Ricotta: excellent in your diet

Among the foods considered indispensable for the diet, ricotta occupies a privileged place. Do you want to know why? Basically we are talking about a low-calorie dairy product that can replace many other ingredients to prepare sweet and savory dishes, providing an excellent protein intake and a limited amount of fat. Let’s discover together the properties and characteristics of the Apulian ricotta.

Ricotta up close: what you need to know

It’s time for introductions, so let’s start with his name. The term “ ricotta ” comes from the Latin and refers to the processing of this food: re-coctus , in fact, means cooked twice . Ricotta is not produced directly from the curd, but from its by-product. For this reason it cannot be considered a real cheese. What does it mean? The mystery is soon revealed: ricotta is a dairy product that is obtained by heating , with specific techniques, the whey derived from previous cheese processing.

Why ricotta is suitable for the diet

Ricotta is a food particularly recommended for dieters and for sportsmen who intend to increase their muscle mass. This dairy product has a high satiating power and a pleasant taste, which lends itself very well to endless sweet and savory possibilities. A taste? Take a look at the recipes of the Apple pie with ricotta , from Castagnole with ricotta , citrus fruits and vin santo or of Scaccia with ricotta and sausage , and have fun discovering the many tasty combinations to prepare Montrone ricotta .

Nutritional properties of ricotta

By now, you’re probably wondering how many calories there are in a serving of cow’s milk ricotta. The answer may vary but, to give an example, we can tell you that the cottage cheese from the Montrone dairy provides about 240 kcal per 100 grams .

Let’s see in detail what it contains and why it does so well. Ricotta certainly has a good content of proteins (about 8.8 grams) of rapid absorption and use as well as of great biological and nutritional value, being represented by Globulins, Albumins, Lactoferrins rich in essential amino acids, easily assimilated.

Ricotta from the Montrone dairy: milk makes the difference

With its velvety flavor and its unmistakable softness, the ricotta from Caseificio Montrone is an authentic caress of taste. To savor it at its best (without giving up the line) you can try it both “by the spoon”, as a delicious snack, or as a main course.

Its secret lies in the ingredients used and in the experience of the cheesemakers, who prepare it to perfection with high quality milk. Do you want to discover the other delicacies of the Montrone house? Take a look at the products section or run to discover the three things to to know about Burrata di Andria PGI.

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