Our certifications  

Caseificio Montrone products are made by our craftsmen with love and wisdom. And the results are there for everyone to see: here are the certifications that attest to their quality.

Food safety system ISO 14001:2015

We have aligned our commercial objectives by demonstrating greater sensitivity to environmental needs by obtaining the ISO 14001: 2015 certification.

Caseificio Montrone Azienda Certificata ISO-14001
Caseificio Montrone Azienda Certificata ISO 22000-2018

Environmental system certification ISO 22000:2018

Every single link in our production chain is responsible for applying the ISO 22000 standard, so as to have a fully certified supply chain.

Global standard for food safety

Applying the BRC Standard in a food production company brings benefits both in terms of the market (wanted by the large-scale distribution) and in terms of organisation and greater product safety.

BRC Food Certificated 2021
Caseificio Montrone Azienda Certificato BRC
Caseificio Montrone Azienda Certificato IFS
International Featured Standards

The International Food Standard is basically a unified control system for quality and safety systems, applied at all levels of production where food is processed.