Culurgiones with Burrata di Andria PGI

Ideal for
4 people


Preparation time
160 minutes


Remilled durum wheat semolina  220 g
Weak 00 flour (10 – 11 g of protein) -80 g
Water 150 g
Extra virgin olive oil  1 tablespoon

Boiled red or yellow-fleshed potatoes (net) – 600 g
Grated aged pecorino – 70 g
Fresh grated Pecorino – 70 g
Extra virgin olive oil – 100 ml
Clove of garlic – 1
Mint or thyme leaves – to taste

Cherry or datterini tomatoes – 600 g
Onion – 1/2
Extra virgin olive oil – to taste
Sale – to taste
Burrata di Andria PGI – to taste
Basil – 4 leaves


Prepare the filling from the night before: slice the garlic and place them in the oil so that it aromas. After a couple of hours, filter the oil, removing the garlic, and season the boiled, mashed and cooled potatoes with this. Add the grated aged pecorino (Roman type) and the fresh grated one. Season with salt if necessary and finish with the chopped mint or thyme leaves. Mix thoroughly and leave to rest in the fridge, well covered, until the next day.

Prepare the dough: arrange the semolina on a pastry board. Put the water in the center and start kneading. You have to get a smooth, shiny and homogeneous dough. It will take about 10 minutes. Wrap the dough in cling film and let it rest for about 30 minutes.

After the resting time, cut the dough into slices and start pulling the dough with the appropriate machine starting from the first number which generally corresponds to the largest width between the rollers. After the first step, make a three-fold and go over the dough again starting from the first notch. Repeat this operation a second time.

At this point, start tightening the rollers, one number at a time, until you have a thickness of 2 mm.

Cut the dough with a 10 cm diameter ring. Once you have obtained the discs, insert a knob of filling in the center and close the culurgiones with the typical spike closure.

Let the culurgiones rest on a pastry tray before cooking. In the meantime, prepare the dressing: cook the tomatoes in a large pot with very little water, the time it takes for the peel to begin to split.

At this point pass the tomatoes with a vegetable mill to remove seeds and skins. Put the oil, the finely chopped onion, the tomato pulp and the basil leaves in a pan. Turn the heat to low and cook the fresh tomato. Almost at the end of cooking, add salt and, if necessary, correct the acidity with a pinch of sugar.

Cook the culorgiones in plenty of boiling salted water and, once ready, stir them quickly in a pan with the fresh tomatoes. Serve the culurgiones on a tomato base and finish by adding some burrata flakes.

N.B. The culurgiones can be stored in the fridge for a day covered with a damp cloth or they can be frozen well spaced. After freezing, of course, you can put them in a bag to make space in the freezer. It will be cooked directly from the freezer in boiling salted water.

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