Bruschetta with Burrata di Andria PGI

Ideal for
4 people


Preparation time
30 minutes


250g Burrata di Andria PGI
6 slices of bread
100g anchovies

50g pesto
2 peaches


Cut the bread into slices and heat a plate. Put the slices of bread on a very hot plate and when they are crispy, remove them.

Wash and cut the peaches into slices and grilled on both sides, until lightly roasted. Let them cool.

To prepare bruschetta with burrata and peaches:
take a slice of bread, season it with a nice portion of burrata and add the grilled peaches. Flavor with some fresh oregano if you like.

To prepare bruschetta with burrata, pesto and anchovies:
take a slice of crispy bread, spread a teaspoon of pesto. Put a little burrata on top and add 2-3 anchovies.

Serve for an aperitif or a tantalizing appetizer!

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