Smoked Scamorza-Provola

Experience it in all its varieties

Scamorza cheese, with its versatility, lends itself well to a thousand interpretations. One of these is Provola. Have you ever tasted it in its smoked version? The shape is similar to that of fresh Provola, but the colour and flavour are something else entirely.

Caseificio Montrone’s smoked Scamorza-Provola is also very easy to slice, making it perfect for great pizzas, tasty appetisers and side dishes of all kinds. Alternatively, you can enjoy it plain or reheated in a pan, to appreciate all its stringy flavour.

Enjoy the unique taste of
Smoked Scamorza-Provola with pears, coffee
and capocollo di Martina Franca.

Nutritional information

Average values for 100gr of product
Energy value 261 Kcal/100g - 1084 Kj/100g
of which saturated fatty acids
18,7 g/100g
14,0 g/100g
of which sugars
1,1 g/100g
1,0 g/100g
Protein22,0 g/100g
Salt1,05 g/100g

Ingredients: Raw MILK, salt, rennet and lactic ferments.

Smoke by burning beech shavings.

Allergens: milk and lactose

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