Ciliegine alla panna

One delight leads to another

When the appetite calls, there is nothing left to do but delight the palate with the tastiest goodness. Caseificio Montrone’s ciliegine alla panna are small, tasty morsels that will do wonders on the table, winning over all your guests.

A delicious temptation of milk with a sweet and creamy taste, which is practically irresistible. They are also perfect for children because they are rich in nutrients. Enjoy them at room temperature so you can fully appreciate all their properties.

They are great as an appetiser with tomatoes and extra-virgin olive oil, with cold cuts and sausages or as a topping for all kinds of hot dishes.

Enjoy the unique taste of
Ciliegine alla panna
with purple cabbage peas
and strawberries.

Nutritional information

Average values for 100gr of product
Energy value336 Kcal/100g - 1387 Kj/100g
of which saturated fatty acids
33,0 g/100g
23,5 g/100g
0,85 g/100g
0,8 g/100g
Protein8,9 g/100g
Salt0,65 g/100g

Ingredients: Raw MILK, CREAM, salt, rennet and acidity regulator: citric acid *.

* Citric acid is widespread in nature and occurs naturally in milk. It is used for the production of cream cherries, replacing lactic ferments, to enhance the sweet taste of fresh milk.

Allergens: milk and lactose

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