Mozzarella with ricotta

A treat for the palate

A real treat for the palate to be enjoyed at any time and to be combined with your favorite ingredients. Mozzarella with ricotta is a tender spun dough shell that contains a sweet surprise: a delicious ricotta heart. An even more intense pleasure to share with whoever you want, but not to be missed.

But how is Mozzarella with ricotta born? This specialty is created with patience by the Montrone master cheesemakers: the mozzarella paste is molded by hand and then filled with ricotta, to create a perfect spherical shape.

A painstaking work that enhances its flavor and enhances its goodness.

Enjoy the unique taste
of Mozzarella with
Ricotta on a bed of
courgette flowers e
dry tomatoes.

Montronella Stracciatella affumicata

Nutritional information

Average values for 100gr of product
Energy value 241 Kcal/100 g - 1003 Kj/100 g
of which saturated fatty acids
18,0 g/100 g
9,6 g/ 100 g
of which sugars
8,8 g/100 g
1,7 g/100 g
Protein11,0 g/100 g
Salt1,1 g/100 g

Ingredients: Raw MILK, Whey, salt, rennet and acidity regulator: citric acid *.

* Citric acid is widely used in nature and occurs naturally in milk. It is used for the production of Fiordilatte, to replace lactic ferments, to enhance the sweet taste of fresh milk.

Allergens: milk and lactose

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