Little twists of milk

Pisellini are small twists of fresh cheese, handmade by Montrone’s master dairymen: 30 grams of spun paste, rich in flavour and authenticity, for a light appetiser or break.

Try them as a playful idea for your finger food, for an appetiser with friends or a cold dinner with the taste of Puglia.

Enjoy the unique taste of
Peas with celery,
baby carrots and sprouts.

Nutritional information

Average values for 100gr of product
Energy value184 Kcal/100g - 763 Kj/100g
of which saturated fatty acids
14,2 g/100g
10,5 g/100g
of which sugars

1,5 g/100g
0,6 g/100g
Protein12,5 g/100g
Salt0,7 g/100g

Ingredients: Raw MILK, salt, rennet and acidity regulator: citric acid*.

*Citric acid is very common in nature and is naturally present in milk. It is used in the production of Fiordilatte, instead of milk enzymes, to enhance the sweet taste of fresh milk.

Allergens: milk and lactose

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