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Burrata di Andria P.G.I.

The queen with a tender heart

Soft and creamy, simply irresistible. Caseificio Montrone's Burrata di Andria P.G.I. is a fresh cheese produced with cow's milk, unmistakable due to its round and snug shape, surprising for its delicious filling: a soft centre of hand-stretched curd mixed with fresh cream, called "stracciatella".

Completely handmade

It is the expert hands of our cheesemakers which give life to this delicacy. The Burrata di Andria P.G.I. from Caseificio Montrone is handmade in its entirety. Before making the "pouch", the master cheesemakers produce the stracciatella, shredding the stretched curd unevenly by hand and then dipping it in the cream. Separately, they give shape to the pouch of stretched curd: firm, resistant and consistent to just the right degree, it is filled with "stracciatella" and tied with raffia. This is how the "head" that characterises Burrata di Andria P.G.I. takes shape: the typical apical closure is the distinctive mark that underlines the artisan production process.

How Burrata di Andria P.G.I. is made

With its roots  in the Apulian dairy tradition, it is said that Burrata di Andria P.G.I. is the invention of the Andria cheesemaker Lorenzo Bianchino who, during prolonged snowfall that prevented him from bringing milk from the farms to the city, had the idea of creating a pouch of stretched curd, in which to enclose the strands of mozzarella dipped in the cream that emerged from the milk to preserve it. He filled the swollen stretched curd receptacle with stracciatella up to the "mouth", carefully modelling this to give it the characteristic apical shape. Thus the first Burrata di Andria was born, one of the most precious and unique dairy products from Puglia.


The Burrata di Andria P.G.I. Protection Consortium

In 2016, Burrata di Andria obtained the recognition of a product with mark of origin, officially becoming a Protected Geographic Origin (P.G.I.) product. On 17 February 2017, almost a century after the creation of this most delicious of fresh cheeses, the Burrata di Andria P.G.I. Protection Consortium was established with the aim of protecting, developing and promoting the true burrata of Andria. Caseificio Montrone di Andria is part of the Burrata di Andria P.G.I. Protection Consortium, and continues Andria's dairy tradition by promoting and developing Burrata di Andria P.G.I., as defined by the product specification, throughout the country.